Week One

We’re really starting to settle into daily life here.

Pete’s office, for the time being, is walking distance from our apartment.  He’s enjoying organizing his space and getting to know the surrounding area.  He had a last minute trip to Jakarta for a couple of meetings that went quite well.  He’s now mentioned the Krispy Kreme shop in the airport twice.  It must have been a highlight. I hope to be able to join him on his next trip there (Jakarta..not Krispy Kreme).  He’ll be traveling to Shanghai this week, as he will be every month, to work with the office there.

I attended a coffee put on by the American Women’s Association and have already signed up to join.  They offer a lot of social and volunteer opportunities that will give me something to fill my days until I’m able to figure out job prospects.  It was really nice to be with a group of women who have experienced organizing life as an expat in HK.  We discussed everything from setting up bank accounts to tipping cab drivers (you don’t) and where to get the best manicure.  My first function as a member of the AWA will be this Tuesday evening.  A group meets weekly at a wine bar. It’s not quite reading to the blind, but that will come in time.

A friend I’ve known since junior high, Fouad Onbargi, was in town on business this week.  We were able to meet for some sightseeing at The Peak and lunch.  Here’s a photo from the cable car ride down the mountain.


If one is looking for where all the expats hang out, one only needs to go to the local Ikea.  While the store sells almost everything I was able to purchase at the Ikea in Schaumburg, it was with great disappointment that I could not find a single Swedish fish.  I imagine we’ll be making more trips once we secure our permanent housing so will hope they will stock them in the future after a polite email to customer service.

The political demonstrations continue quite peacefully in Hong Kong.  They’re located in several areas and are fairly disruptive to traffic on the north side of the island.


There was an anti-demonstration demonstration in a park nearby on Friday evening.  Ironically, it was raining so those protesting the Umbrella Revolution were carrying umbrellas.

I attended an event to celebrate the opening of a building in which we’re considering an apartment.  A Chinese lion dance is a symbol of good luck.  I must say, it was unlike an broker’s open house I’ve attended in the past.


I met one of the owners of the building.  She is an Australian woman who owns Habitat Properties, the real estate and management company our agent works for.  For three years in the 90s, she lived at 2020 Lincoln Park West in Chicago (about 3 blocks from our place on Sedgwick).  It really is a small world.

About 60% of Hong Kong is public parks with a variety of hiking trails.  Pete and I are going to try one out this afternoon.  If all goes according to plan, we should wind up in a small seaside town for a bit of swimming and lunch.

More to come…..


One thought on “Week One

  1. Hi Jen, How interesting to read your blog!! I am glad all is falling into place and the adventure is unfolding at a good pace. Wishing you the best as you locate your new abode and settle in! It is nice that you have connected with some other women who have been in your shoes and know the ropes. I am presently reading the 3rd book of Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy-Edge of Eternity. As always it is hard to put down…….
    Take good care and Hugs,


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