Settling In

After much consideration, we’ve decided to move forward with an apartment in a high rise building in Mid-Levels West.  It’s a nice compromise of space, location and finishes.  The paperwork is being drafted and funds are being transferred.  If all goes according to plan, we should be in by mid-December which coincides nicely with when our belongings are expected to arrive.  We’ll be ready for guests by the first of the year, so book your tickets!

I attended a few events hosted by the American Women’s Association last week.  As mentioned previously, the organization will provide nice opportunity for socializing and volunteering.  I met a woman who lives in the building we’ll be moving into and another woman who recently moved from Chicago (Southport Corridor).  Everyone is very welcoming.

Pete worked in the Shanghai office for several days last week.  He’ll need to sort out the best way to get up and back, as flight delays are frequent.  He likened the trip to the ORD-LGA route.  He’ll be going up for a few days about every 3 weeks.

Friday night we attended an event put on by the Hong Kong chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  SOM was given two awards for recent work in China.  After the event we went to dinner with Pete’s local colleagues (the two on the left) and their clients.  It was a very nice evening.


We met our friend, Bill Rogers, for dinner Saturday night.  He made a stop in HK while on a business trip through Southeast Asia and China for his new-ish job with Nike.  We’ll look forward to more visits with him, as it seems he’ll be coming this way pretty regularly. (You made it into the blog, Bill!!)

photo 3

Pete and I took a ferry to the nearby island of Lamma on Sunday for some hiking and lunch.  It was a great way to escape the hub bub of the city and get a feel for the local topography.

20141116_150642         20141116_132807


We’re hoping to wrap up some logistics this week; setting up the bank account, picking up our Hong Kong IDs and applying for a Chinese visa (I’ll need one to travel there).  Then it’s on to getting a bed, lamps, tv, etc. for our new place and getting our water, electricity, gas and internet set up.  There’s a lot to do, but it’s coming together nicely.

We think of our family and friends often and hope you’re all managing to stay safe and warm in the Arctic Blast.  If you need to get away to someplace warmer, we’ll be here!



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